August 29th, 2008 - pho in London

I) The An Viet (Well Settled) Foundation was established as a Vietnamese community association in Hackney in the mid-eighties.  The building has all the charm of a spark plug factory but hey, this about function rather than aesthetics.

Unlikely as it might sound, the foundation's canteen, Huong Viet, is packed every night.  Don't even attempt to get through the door without a reservation. 

II) Binh has been running her restaurant Thanh Binh in Camden (14 Chalk Farm Road) for over 20 years. 

Her pho is a family recipe, shared with others from her hometown of Nam Dinh, just south of Hanoi, and is northern both in flavour and the absence of accompanying hoisin.

And she boasts a celebrity clientele...

III) Camden Market


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